So, I realized something pretty profound this morning as I was chugging my (reheated in the microwave … I know, I know, so gross) coffee. Uh, I was thirsty. Yeah, imagine that. I’m thinking I’m going to start drinking at least a little water each morning before I let myself start the coffee. Might help with the mid-morning caffeine overload/shakes.

I was pulling into my trainer’s neighborhood this morning before I realized I hadn’t had breakfast. I just wasn’t hungry – and I didn’t feel like eating afterward, either. ME – not hungry – FORGOT to eat. I finally ate 2 scrambled eggs and some yogurt/fruit/walnuts around 10.

I didn’t eat lunch until 4. (leftover pork chop and mashed cauliflower)

I swear this would’ve been unheard of for me prior to attempting the primal way. I used to feel as if I was starving all of the time and had a tendency to turn into a pretty cranky bitch if too much time lapsed between meals. Now? I just feel absolutely fine. I don’t know if it’s a fluke, or if this whole primal thing is paying off, or if I’m having some sort of placebo effect … no idea. All I know: I feel great, I’m not starving all the time, I’m not craving sugar every single moment of every day and I’m not snippy if it’s been more than a couple of hours since I’ve eaten. Something has definitely changed.

I’m hesitant to say that my body has detoxed from all of the crap and has leveled out – ONLY because I’m not 100%. The yogurt I talk about is low-fat vanilla yogurt … and … the carbs are a little high each day … but … the yogurt is probably about the only thing I really should change right now (but don’t plan to). Maybe I HAVE detoxed and leveled out and won’t feel so ravenously hungry and desperate for sugar/bread/CAKE anymore?

Here’s my “cheat day” (saturday – calculated via fitday) … so labeled because the calories are high.

I always overestimate everything to be on the safe side, but I’m thinking this isn’t too bad. It’s almost exactly a 500 calorie deficit, so I’m good. The carbs are a little high, but not hugely so. Much better than prior cheat days, for sure.

I’m still working out the higher fat thing and still have issues with things like using real butter vs. brummel & brown, etc., but I’m trying to shake all of that. It’s definitely getting easier as I see and feel results.

This has been – hands down – the most freeing thing I’ve done. Seriously. I’m not weighing, measuring or obsessively counting anything. I track my food at fitday out of curiosity, but all weights/amounts are absolute approximations. I’m just eating. And I’m still losing weight. And I feel great. And I’m seeing results. Imagine that.

(I have a self-imposed ban on weighing on days other than Friday, but I weighed a couple of hours ago out of curiosity given my complete lack of food measuring/weighing. (Seriously – I had a moment of shock yesterday when I realized I’m just eating without obsession.) Anyway, 198.6. I am cautiously optimistic I will officially break the barrier on Friday!)