The past couple of days have been good. Exhausting, but good. I passed up bread and croutons (on the salad I ordered) at my favorite Italian place at lunch on Tuesday, mashed potatoes that were accidentally served to me at a restaurant last night, and CAKE at work today. (I would say that these are some of my favorite things, but who am I kidding? The list is exhaustive.)

Yes, I am TOTALLY keeping score.

Honestly, though, I’m kind of over it all. I feel great, I’m not starving all of the time, I have energy. I love junk food, but it doesn’t love me back and I know that. I felt like crap throughout the vacation, feel great this week. Doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out which way I should be living.

Breakfasts the past few days have looked like this:

(Egg, Strawberries and Blueberries, Black Coffee (somewhere))

Or this:

(Chicken Sausage, Banana, Black Coffee To-Go)

Lunches have looked like this each day:

(Salad w/Rosemary Lemon Dressing (kind of tossed up because I put it in my bag before remembering to take a picture), Applesauce, White Cheddar Cheesestick)

Dinner looked like this on Tuesday night:

(Swordfish and a Kale/Kidney Beans/Onion Concoction)

We ate out last night (salad, chicken, broccoli, green beans), but it looked like this tonight:

(Chicken and Cabbage)

I started using fitday again to get a general idea about my calorie, protein and carb consumption (because I have to have a little obsession, ya know?). Looks like I’m averaging about 1750 calories per day and about 100 – 130g carbs per day. I need 2900 calories to maintain my current weight, so I’m hoping the deficit results in at least a two pound loss this week.

I got up early (5:30am) and went to the gym with Jon both Tuesday morning and this morning. I don’t exactly love getting up that early, but it’s the best time for us to go. I’m pretty tired when I get home from work, so it’s unlikely that I’ll do anything afterward except pilates (which starts again next week) and I can’t go late at night because I’m in bed close to 9pm each night and I can’t run with him in the neighborhood because he runs many miles longer than I can run … so I go in the early morning darkness and give up some sleep. I doubt I’ll keep it up when my trainer/pilates returns, but who knows? Maybe it’ll grow on me.