I’ve been working pretty hard throughout the past year to find the balance between overdoing it and depriving myself food-wise and I’ve been mostly successful. The past couple of weeks? Not so successful. We’ve been busy and unmotivated and have wound up eating things that aren’t overly healthy and have been eating larger portions of those things. A quick look at the receipts from the last couple of weeks reminds me that we haven’t eaten dinner at home in an embarrassingly large number of nights. We’re still sharing meals when we go out, but we’re not treating high calorie meals as the indulgences they should be.

I ate a ton of heavy, sweet or otherwise high calorie stuff throughout the weekend and unsurprisingly feel like shit today. I even found myself falling into the I’ll-be-better-Monday trap. Seriously – my entire day yesterday consisted of nachos, ice cream and coke.

I am aware that one inactive, junk food weekend isn’t going to result in a large weight gain, but I’m very aware that it could result in another – then another – inactive, junk food weekend. I came home every day last week wanting a hard workout but instead went out to dinner each night – then followed that with the inactive, junk food weekend. Not good. The plan this week is to pay for the summer gym membership (which was a barrier last week) and to start writing my meals down again. I’m not planning to count anything, but I think I need the reality of seeing it all on paper.

I thought about fasting today, but I decided not to do that. Instead, this is it:

I swear I have never been so glad to get back to my lunch routine. (I eat the same thing for lunch every day – salad, 6 triscuits, applesauce – since I am all about keeping the packing/preparation as simple as possible.)

We picked up a few new dressings at the farmers market over the weekend and I am really loving them so far (and am probably too excited, but see above re: eating them every day):

I absolutely love both rosemary and ginger, but am not so fond of lemon or lime, so I wasn’t sure about these. I tried them, though, and loved them immediately. We marinated pork in the ginger one on Saturday and I’ve been using the rosemary on salads. So good! Best part? I can easily decipher the ingredient list.

This is not a wonderful picture, but it shows (somewhat) what we’ve got going on garden-wise:

Tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers, red/green/yellow peppers, basil and rosemary. Can’t wait!