I woke up yesterday with such extreme heel pain I could barely walk. I went to a piyo class the morning before and a bootcamp class the night before, so I’m guessing the bootcamp is the culprit. We did a lot of jumping jacks, shuffles, jogging, etc. Yesterday was by far the worst it’s ever been, so I looked up a podiatrist and intended to call today. In the meantime, I went to pilates last night and came home seemingly healed. For whatever reason … stretching, I guess … pilates always cures the pain. This morning I feel nothing and I’m now unconvinced that I should call that podiatrist. I know I should since this happens every time I run, but I just don’t want to. Laziness, cheapness, whatever. I hate going to doctors.

I had a pretty shitty day, in general, yesterday. I woke up and was in pain, I was bored by 8:30am, the internet went down several times, husband is out of town, etc. I had just started climbing the walls around 5pm when I remembered pilates. I swear it saved the day. I’m still not sure how I forgot about it since I’ve been going for months, but I did. I was amazed at how much it lifted my mood. I know I could’ve gone to the gym and done my own thing during the day, but I think I needed the interaction with familiar people as much as I needed the workout.

My plan today is to meet the trainer in a couple of hours and then head to the gym after that for another hour of cardio. Just have to get through 3 more work days until my placement starts. I will survive these few days and then the complaints will shift, but I will be happier.