I have no idea what happened to March. It’s a blur that pains me to think about, so I just won’t. I think I’m going to finally have some time that I can fill with fun things (without guilt), so maybe I’ll be able to post more. I haven’t been so good about keeping up with the stats or the exercise log here, but I’ve been keeping up with it on paper. The good news: I’ve been losing, with fluctuations, of course, and have seen an overall loss of about 5 pounds for the month of March. I’m not exercising nearly as much as I could be and I’m not strictly counting anything food-wise, so apparently some of my new habits have stuck and are paying off. I’ve eaten a few bad meals recently and I’ve even eaten a few pints of ice cream here and there. I consistently go back to normal, though, which is a very, very good thing considering those bad meals and pints of ice cream used to be normal … so I’m pretty happy. So happy, in fact, that I think the more relaxed way of doing things is actually the way to go.
(Bad and normal being relative, of course.)

I am really looking forward to ramping up the training once classes are over. I dropped down to once a week because I’ve just had no time, but I miss it. I’ve been going to pilates as I’ve been available (usually at least once per week), and I’ve gone to a couple of bootcamp classes …. and I went to a class with a friend at her gym a few weeks ago. And I went to the outdoor track before dawn ONCE and jogged with (behind) Jon. A week hasn’t gone by that hasn’t had some sort of exercise … at least 2-3 times each week … but I just haven’t been able to keep up the volume I prefer and I miss it. Also? Turns out stress + no exercise = extreme crankiness.

I am experimenting with the primal thing, which seemed like just another hokey diet at first glance, but I’m finding that it makes more sense as I read.
I’m doing it for one reason: I feel pretty good when I consciously reduce my carb intake and feel like shit when I eat nothing but carbs all day.
I’m struggling with it for one reason: I love carbs. I’m not strictly following it (I think I have a gene that prevents me from becoming fanatical about anything), but I’m thinking about it as I plan and eat my meals and I’m trying to be aware of my carb intake. Ultimately, I will never be a diet person, so I bristle sometimes (crazily, at my self-imposed eating plan that I don’t even consider a diet) and eat my brownies and ice cream, but hey, I’m trying.