I’m experiencing pretty astounding levels of stress lately. Astounding might not even be the right word – maybe INSANE would best describe it. I come home some nights and barely make it through dinner without falling asleep. I’m just exhausted a lot of the time – physically and emotionally. I’m thinking I’ll eventually become accustomed to dealing with/seeing human tragedy and sadness, but right now it’s weighing me down. I’m trying to find the part of me that can let things go and not dwell – until then, I go to bed at night thinking about the things I see/hear/read and wake up wondering how in the world some people survive life.

Anyway, the big miracle amidst the stress is the weight loss I seem to have each week. I’m not always losing huge amounts (-2.2 this past week), but the overall trend is downward. I consider any loss or maintenance to be a success.

Exercise has been tricky. I’m trying, but I just don’t have time some days. Pilates has been interrupted because I have an obligation during one of the classes each week. I’ve also had to drop training down to one day per week, which I really didn’t want to do. I’m shooting for three days of exercise each week, with one of those days being Saturday or Sunday: one day of training, one pilates class and one weekend day of cardio. It’s not optimal, but it’s realistic.

The food portion of the equation is going really well. Jon and I realized we need more control, so we’ve been planning and buying groceries and resisting the urge to eat out even when we just really want to. I’ve been packing my lunch and just generally eating appropriately and it’s working out. This past week has really solidified the notion that restaurants are the problem. I know we’ll definitely continue eating out – just not as much and with much more discretion.

I’ve been doing a few specific things to stay sane and on track:

– I try to accomplish 1 goal on our 2009 goal list each weekend. Last weekend I cleaned out and organized our bathroom cabinets and drawers and also purged the filing cabinet. This weekend I’m working on the kitchen. Next weekend the plan is to start working on the yard. (Yeah, the goal list quite resembles a chore list, but hey, I like to break it down.)

– I stopped trying to keep up with my google reader/facebook/twitter/flickr/etc throughout the week. I love all things online, in general, but I’ve had to let it go. I catch up here and there when I can, but it generally has to wait until Saturday morning.

– I plan ahead. It’s really nice to not have to do the “what do you want for dinner, I don’t care, what do you want, I don’t care, what do you want, I don’t care” dance each night. I also plan what I’m going to wear each day (if it’s a day when work appropriate attire is required – otherwise, whatever) and prepare all of my stuff the night before, etc. A little preparation brings me an amazing amount of sanity.

– I need the house to be under control when my schedule/life is otherwise out of control, so I clean daily. I often have half an hour to an hour free at some point each day, so I use that time to do something. I vacuum every day, do the dishes every day, laundry every day, etc. I would really go absolutely nuts if I didn’t take the small snippets of time to clean and instead let things pile up.

– I have almost zero free time Monday – Friday, so I spend either Saturday or Sunday morning (sometimes both) doing absolutely nothing. I really need time for nothing, so I feel no guilt.

– I write everything down and keep a running list of things I need to do.

I am anal retentive and obsessive, but I function amazingly well under stress – I just bitch a lot. Guess that’s better than eating everything in sight.

(Although now that I think about it, I got a text yesterday from Jon that said: “Are you happy or grumpy?” I’m thinking he might have a different view of the situation.)