I just read through the past few entries and realized that I’ve done nothing but complain for weeks. The past month or so has been pretty hectic, but it hasn’t been THAT bad. I’m ridiculous sometimes.

I’m thinking my recent issues are mostly an attitude thing, so I’m trying my best to remember that a negative attitude doesn’t help/change things in any way. Seems to be helping this week. Also helping: Jon is in town, the dog is better, my schedule is ok, the house is clean, exam is done.

We’ve been sticking to the no-restaurants plan and it’s been ok. We had a slight moment of weakness when we both got home yesterday around 5:30pm, didn’t want to eat anything we had here, didn’t want to cook (me = lazy, Jon = sick), and needed to go to pilates. We weighed the benefit of picking up a take & bake pizza against buying groceries and cooking and found that the take & bake would be a lot cheaper and quicker than a traditional meal … and technically would only marginally break the no-restaurants rule. No surprise, right? In the end, Jon broiled some chicken breasts and steamed/microwaved a bag of frozen rice & veggies that I found in the freezer. All in all, the meal took about 20 minutes. Healthier than pizza and turned out to be quicker, too.

I have been craving biscuits with some kind of fierce passion lately. I don’t know what the deal is. I just want bread, pancakes, biscuits, etc. at all times of the day. I’m not sure where this weird carb fascination is coming from. I love bread, for sure, but not so much that I fantasize about it all day long as I’ve been doing lately. I bought some flour at the grocery store today and have told myself that I will have a biscuit when I make a biscuit. I’m thinking the craving will go away LONG before I follow through with this one.

We skipped pilates last night because Jon is sick, but I met with the trainer on Monday. It seems that my shoulder injury is just about healed. I can do push-ups, planks, etc. with minimal pain, so I’m excited to start working (again) on building upper body strength. We’ve been doing some jogging, too, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it gives me the cardio rush I need, so I keep it up.

I’m busy … but life is not quite as shitty as I’ve proclaimed. Things are good. We’re healthy and happy and all that. I just lose perspective here and there.