I’m stuck in the office with the dog since the directv guy is here installing Jon’s new receiver. I think I’ve read the entire internet, so I guess I need to say something here. About time, huh?

The past couple of weeks have been pretty shitty. I have been caught in a vicious cycle of feeling sick, feeling sluggish, feeling extremely stressed and feeling sorry for myself. A couple of days of self-pity are ok. 2 weeks? Out of control. I’ve been pretty swamped with school stuff, internship/work stuff and life stuff – to the point that I’m often just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with good, beneficial things, for sure, but overwhelmed nonetheless.

I had a fairly spectacular meltdown the other night while trying to figure out ways to fit more exercise into my schedule. My schedule is fairly erratic right now and I’ve had trouble fitting it in, which completely freaked me out. I swore I’d never be the person who makes exercise a last priority, but I did it. Just one week, but it’s a slippery slope. Thank God for the trainer and my commitment to that – I would’ve done nothing last week without her. I know everything will settle and I’ll wind up with a routine – just having some bumps in the road as I get the semester and internship schedule started and nailed down.

While I ate WAY too much last weekend (4 meals in restaurants), I have packed my lunch each day since then and have eaten really well at home all week. The small changes I incorporated over the past year have evolved into a completely new way of doing things, so I really have no issues at home. I eat tons of fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. I drink nothing but water and coffee – ever. I eat whole foods, nothing overly processed or packaged (except lean cuisines here and there), etc. It’s just the damn restaurants. I’m obviously doing better at portion control and choices (or so I tell myself since I lost a half pound this past week after the restaurant extravaganza of last weekend and decrease in exercise), but I know I need to do something more drastic.

I just hate to cook and I’m lazy and I know I will never learn to cook the things I choose to go out to eat. I eat tilapia or salmon, a steamed vegetable of some sort and half a sweet potato almost every single night while Jon is out of town because that’s about all I know how to do, it takes 5 minutes and it requires 2 pots/pans. I eat a frozen lean cuisine if I’m too lazy for that, which obviously requires even less time and only a fork. My packed lunch is the same every single day: salad, string cheese, banana. Seriously. I detest cooking just that much. Good thing I have a husband who cooks and don’t mind eating the same thing over and over when he doesn’t.

This weekend is likely going to be a high calorie weekend. How do I know? It’s 11am and all I’ve had to eat today is a PB cup, a chocolate covered strawberry and piece of ice cream cake. I’m ok with that. It’s one day.

Some of my most favorite things. I have the sweetest husband ever.