The past week has been a flaming disappointment. Roller coaster emotions, snot, sore throat, no energy, Jon gone, restaurants, stress. I need a new week.

I am in no way surprised that I’ve gained a pound and a half over the past two weeks. I’ve been eating in restaurants quite a bit and have been eating so much that I wind up with a stomachache. Jon and I share entrees, but we also typically order an appetizer to share … and maybe soup. I swear I just have ZERO control when I walk in the door of any decent restaurant. Jon was unexpectedly able to come home Thursday, so we had Mexican. Last night, Thai.

It really has to stop. Unfortunately, eating is a large source of entertainment for us. I love food, he loves food (and beer) and we love to try new places and things. I can barely navigate outside of my immediate area and rarely leave it, but I’m pretty sure we have a whole hierarchy of restaurants going for each area of town.

I’ve had almost no energy to exercise this week and have woken up wanting to die each morning. I’ve been sleeping horribly because I can’t breathe and I’ve been spending my days sucking down green tea and vitamins, but it’s not helping. I met with the trainer on Wednesday and had a light (meaning jumping jacks were modified, etc.) but relatively normal work out. I thought I was miraculously healed, but I started feeling run down again around mid-day Thursday. I didn’t go to pilates on Thursday because Jon came home and I chose carnitas instead (and because I just felt crappy). I met with the trainer again yesterday, which may or may not have been a good idea. I barely felt like getting out of bed when my alarm went off at 6am, and I barely had the energy to get dressed, but I knew I needed to do SOMETHING. We ended up just walking around the track for an hour because I felt too horrible to do anything else. I really can’t believe how much a sinus infection is wiping me out.

I’m feeling better today – emotionally and energy-level wise. I still can’t breathe and I still feel like my head might explode, but I’m not lying around moaning in agony. I doubt I will work out this weekend, but I can already feel myself having withdrawals and wanting a hard work out – must be getting better.