I’m tired of restaurant food. Since the last post, I haven’t had a homecooked meal. Nor am I likely to any time soon.

It was a whirlwind weekend, with a long drive to Memphis and back. We attended a going away party for Sarah’s brother, who is probably enjoying his first wakeup call at Navy boot camp right about now. The food tasted great, as it did at most of the restaurants we ended up eating at. But it’s SO hard to make healthy choices. The only good choice I made was at Perkins: a build-your-own omelet with mushrooms & veggies, substituting fruit for the hashbrowns and toast. Everything else I ate (barbecue, pizza, hamburger) was delicious, but full of weight watchers points. I didn’t even count them.

Part of the problem is my exercise regimen. A couple hours after running six miles, my body screams, “FEED ME!” You put a pan of barbecue pork in front of me at that point, and you better get out of the way. I burn the calories, but then I quickly replenish them. Ugh!

So this week, I am in Philadelphia, looking forward to another week of foraging in the mass of fat, carb & sugar-pushing capitalist establishments. I understand why everything they offer is bad for you. Most Americans won’t buy the healthy stuff! I wish it weren’t so, but I’m no better. Last night, it took every ounce of will I had to call a local Chinese restaurant with every intent of ordering steamed vegetables and chicken (who the hell gets THAT at a Chinese restaurant?). Unfortunately, they didn’t deliver unless you had a $20 order. Part of me was glad. The little angel on my shoulder was severely disappointed, while the little devil was saying, “Carraba’s sounds really good!” I could either try to find this Chinese place in an unfamiliar city, or go to Carraba’s a block away. The devil ended up winning this one. And though the grilled tilapia, Italian green beans, and salad that I had SOUNDS kind of healthy, it was definitely loaded with fat and calories that I should have avoided. (I won’t mention the bread.)

Hopefully the hour’s worth of stair-climbing I did will mitigate the damage.