I started The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid yesterday and finished it this morning. This is a testament to (a) the need for more internet fasting and (b) the fabulousness of the book. I actually broke out the highlighter, which I realize says more about me than about the book, but it’s really just that good. I wanted to take notes, remember her clever perspective and have a reference to return to when I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who understands Fat Girl Logistics.

The book made me cry, made me laugh, and made me wonder how the hell a woman on the other side of world could write my experience without consulting me first.

Really, really great book.

In other news, my fellow gym goers will be happy to know that I purchased ear hooks for the ipod the other day. The shouting of expletives should cease now that the buds will remain in place.