I had a fairly shocking reminder today that I have no clue what I’m doing.

I didn’t pack my lunch this morning, so I had to eat something on campus. I had the foresight to plan where I’d eat and THINK about checking nutrition info, but I didn’t actually follow through with the checking and planning of the meal. I didn’t think about it again until I was in line at Quiznos.

The conversation in my head with something like this:
“I think l’ll get a salad to avoid the bread.”
(5 seconds later) “But I’ve never had a salad here before. I don’t know what kind of dressings they have and I don’t want to hold up the line trying to decide.”
(3 seconds later) “God, I would love to have the vegetarian sandwich, but I need more protein – long day.”
(5 seconds later) “I’m just going to get the salad and hold up the line.”
(10 seconds later) “I love avocado. Getting the vegetarian.”
(3 seconds later) “Maybe the roast beef would work.”
(5 seconds later) “I love doritos.”
(3 seconds later) “I’m definitely getting the vegetarian.”
(2 seconds later) “No, I’m definitely getting the salad.”
(0.2 seconds later – to the Quiznos person) “I’d like a regular tuna melt on wheat.”

So … I got home and looked up the calories. 1420. Seriously. I really thought I was making a decent choice, but through hindsight I see that I was underprepared and overwhelmed. I thought tuna would be a good source of protein, but I didn’t even think about the mayo and cheese and bread accompanying that tuna.

Sad thing is I don’t even really like tuna. It would be much easier to swallow (ha! so bad) the consumption of that many calories at one meal if I actually liked the damn food.