I ran with the Road Kill Running Club for the first time this morning. I had a good time, so I think it was worth the drive all the way out to Oak Ridge. Prior to this, all of my running has been done solo. Since I need to be aware of cars, dogs, and other hazards, I don’t take an ipod with me when I run. Thus, I’m left alone with my thoughts for the entire run. This isn’t a bad thing, really. I like having time with just myself. But sometimes…it gets a little boring. This morning’s run wasn’t boring at all. In fact, an hour passed and it seemed like nothing. I ended up keeping pace with two guys who kept a conversation going for the entire hour, so I didn’t find myself counting the minutes until I’m done like I sometimes do when alone.

The group was much smaller than I had anticipated, but this was because most of the people in the group had been on a Saturday marathon-training run and they were taking the day off. The three guys I met must have been the most dedicated! I’m sure I’ll meet some other people as time progresses, for I think this is something I’ll continue to do. I can have my alone time during the weekday runs. I’m going to try to let the weekends be for running with new friends.