I spent 6 non-consecutive hours sitting in the car and 4 consecutive hours sitting in a meeting today (I’m on the state level board of a trade association).  Two interesting things happened (that had nothing to do with job losses, funding cuts, service cuts and all the other panic inducing topics of the day).

(1) Lunch arrived halfway through the meeting when I just happened to be starving. We had relatively healthy sandwich options at the last meeting. This time? BBQ. Greasy meat, chips, coleslaw full of mayo, coke, sweet tea, etc.  I was immediately turned off and completely lost my appetite for maybe the first time ever. ME! The queen of fast food and lover of all things mayo! I ended up eating approx < 2oz of the meat, no bun or sugary sauce, one spoonful of beans, one spoonful of slaw and 4 chips. I vividly remember the joy in scooping baked beans with plain Lay’s, so this shift in thinking is fairly radical. It’s not overly new, it’s just happening more and more and with different foods as I encounter them.  I’m definitely not complaining – I appreciated the lunch.  I am just increasingly turned off by junkier food and am still amazed each time it happens.

(2) I have been freakin’ DYING to exercise all day.  I love the feeling that comes from an intense cardio work out and thought about it sporadically throughout the meeting. I was getting pretty antsy by the time it wrapped up. All day activities are no longer an excuse to not work out.  I’m still very surprised at how strong the desire is to create a schedule that revolves around exercise instead of it being the last priority.

Also, I think I’m losing the padding on my butt. Good lord does it hurt from sitting all day.