We did all of our holiday shopping yesterday just in time for me to ship half of it out today and pack the rest to take with us out of town. Yeah, some major procrastination was going on.

I bought a tiny tree to put on the mantel because I felt sad that we haven’t decorated or done … anything … for the holidays. I had to do something.

I once had a friend who transformed her entire house for the holidays. She did it in early November and took it all down/put it all away in February. Said she had to leave it all out that long to make it worthwhile.

This is the first year I haven’t had cards ready to be mailed on Dec 1. I didn’t send any … and I’m not going to send any. This makes me a little sad. I love getting holiday cards.

I bought several packages of chocolate THAT I LOVE (for stockings for other people) and have refrained from devouring every piece. It’s hard. I need to get it all packaged up and out of the house.

I hurt my shoulder at the boot camp I went to right before Thanksgiving. It popped out of socket or something as I was doing a push up and is 100% effed up. I felt it as it happened (and fell), but it went right back in place as I sat up and didn’t hurt. I (apparently stupidly) continued with the boot camp as if nothing had happened and then couldn’t move my shoulder the next morning. I can move it now, but I still can’t lift my arm above my head, sleep on that side, carry anything heavy with that arm or otherwise DO anything that involves that shoulder without some serious pain by the end of the day. It constantly hurts and is making me cranky this morning. I’ve diagnosed myself as having a rotator cuff injury, but I’m thinking I need to see a doctor.

I am not feeling like getting up to look at everything I ate yesterday, but I remember the final total = 29 points. Worked out with the trainer for an hour.

I’m thinking I was hallucinating when I wrote the last post about giving up ice cream. Nice idea, but not practical. I think I was feeling desperate and out of control.

On the other hand, though, maybe I’m not feeling so desperate and out control now because I haven’t given in and indulged?

We’ll see how it goes. One day at a time … as with everything during this process.

I am beyond thrilled that I was able to go into Old Navy and just buy a pair of jeans right off the shelf. I could only buy plus sizes online at this time last year. I almost can’t believe I’ve gone down 4 sizes.

Am I the only person who buys things for themselves while holiday shopping? Surely not.

I have a huge list of things to do this morning.