I’m changing things. Jon is going to start posting, too! We both have more fitness goals to accomplish and are planning to hit it hard after the traveling/holiday craziness is over, so we thought the blog would be a helpful outlet for both of us.

I’m hoping he will write a how-to regarding beer and weight loss. I swear I don’t understand how his beer calories don’t affect him, yet my brownie calories cause lasting damage.

Speaking of brownies … I need to give them up. And the ice cream. And the cupcakes. I think about this stuff each and every day. It’s gone beyond the occasional treat and has morphed into something much more dangerous. I plot and plan ways to get ice cream and would eat it every single day if it would miraculously appear in my freezer. The ONLY thing that stops me is my resolve to not buy large quantities.

I know that I have a tendency to develop addictive habits and, as crazy as it sounds, I think I’m developing some unhealthy tendencies with sugar. I just think about it all too much. The only way I know how to handle it is to give it up completely. So … I’m cutting it off. I’m way too undisciplined to give up sugar completely, so I’m talking about the treat form: brownies, ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, fudge, PB cups, etc.

I think the only one I’ll actually cry over is ice cream. Oh, how I love the ice cream.

I smoked for 8 years and finally gave it up by just cutting it off one day. I did the same with coke (the drinkable version). I now can hardly tolerate cigarette smoke and gag when I drink coke (too sweet, if you can believe that), so maybe one day it won’t be so laughable to think about being turned off by ice cream.

I use the smoking and the coke as proof to myself that I can do this. I haven’t smoked for almost 3 years now, which I vividly remember thinking would be entirely impossible. And coke? I used to tell Jon that I couldn’t eat pizza, hamburgers, whatever without a coke. It was a need, not a want.

I can do this.

Update (later): Upon further reflection, I’m thinking it might be unreasonable to cut off all sugary things. I’m thinking I will cut it off for a week (which is pretty substantial given the frequency I eat the stuff) and then will limit to one serving once a week. I purposely picked up a box of WW ice cream bars (which are nothing close to what I’d consider to be sugary “treats” – no justification) and yogurt (with fruit vs. plain). Hopefully that will keep me from trolling the ice cream aisle in desperation at 10pm some random night.

It seems absolutely ridiculous that I have to put this much thought into all of this, but I just have to.

Cardio (20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical, 20 min bike)
7am: 1 c All Bran yogurt bites (3), 1/2 c milk (1), banana (2), coffee (0)
2pm: LC sesame chicken (7), orange (1), hot green tea (0)
4pm: 6 Triscuits (2), 5 prunes (1)
7pm: Pork chop (7), steamed asparagus (0), 1/2 sweet potato (1.5), 1/2 T brummel & brown (.5), 2 oz wine (1)
8pm: WW ice cream bar (1)
Total: 28