I’m thinking I’ll never be able to lift my arms again.  I can absolutely NOT believe how sore my shoulder muscles are today.  We lifted on Monday and did some upper body strength training again yesterday morning, but I wasn’t overly sore.

Last night was pilates, though, where we had a bootcamp session that generally had little to do with pilates.  We did regular push-ups, these things (except we kept moving around the track instead of standing up), plank walk (moving around the track instead of stationary), squat jumps (again around the track instead of in one place – so we looked like frogs jumping around), crunches of all sorts, jumping jacks, etc.

The arm stuff just about killed me.  I was ok last night until we got to jumping jacks.  I knew then that I’d be in pain this morning (lifting my arms) … and I am.  I am such a wimp.  I need to spend some time stretching so that I might be able to wash my hair.

We have a long, long drive (6 hours) to make tomorrow before attending a Thanksgiving lunch.  Then we have a dinner to attend.  Do I have hope that I will eat reasonably and rationally?  Not really.

I’ve decided not to stress about it.  I worked out 2 hours Monday, 2 hours yesterday and plan to get in at least an hour today.  I won’t exercise tomorrow, but I’m planning to do my best throughout the weekend.  I refuse to gain weight, but I’d be happy with maintaining. Exercise is the only way I’m going to be able to do it … so it’s a good thing I enjoy it.

The whole eat-eat-eat-freak-out-in-January cycle is something I’ve never really thought about before, but I’m finding it to be more and more crazy as I think about it.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I’m hoping to hop off that train this year.  The flurry of chatter about how to handle the holidays is maddening to me.  Thanksgiving is ONE day.  Christmas is ONE day.

I don’t want food to be my enemy anymore.