I am so ready for this semester to be OVER. It seems that I can focus on just a couple of things at one time. School and exercise dominated the past few months, so I’m ready to start focusing again on food. I’m eating healthy meals (for the most part) and am making fairly good choices. I’m just eating too much for weight loss. As I’ve said many (MANY) times before … I’m not ready to maintain. I don’t believe that the exercise/training has created muscle mass that is outweighing fat loss. I believe I just haven’t been losing fat. I’ve been counting points/calories again for the past couple of weeks and I’m dropping weight fairly quickly again. Hopefully I will be able to stay focused throughout winter break and will continue losing. I can handle stalls/plateaus here and there when life is stressful as long as I continue lose overall.

I worked out with the trainer on Thursday, but completely forgot about my appointment on Friday. I was shocked and mortified when she called to find out why I was late! I have been meeting with her 3 times a week since April and have NEVER forgotten about an appointment. I have no idea what happened that morning. I was stressed and needed to get some things done and decided not to work out with a friend (who I texted and told), but I just completely spaced on the fact that I had planned to work out with that friend BEFORE working out with the trainer. I almost never forget things like this, so it really disturbed me.

So anyway. No work out on Friday and I’m taking today off, too, because I’m feeling lazy. It’s a cold and sort of overcast day and I’m kind of enjoying sitting around doing nothing. I did an hour of cardio at the gym yesterday, though, so the weekend is not a complete waste.

It was hard to stay motivated yesterday despite really wanting my cardio fix. I have days when I love to work out with friends and I have days when I love to work out alone. Yesterday was definitely a friend day, but I was alone (J was technically there, but went to lift). I listened to a few podcasts and spent an hour convincing myself to just keep going. Not fun, but I’m glad I did it.

My goal for the next week is to stay within my point/calorie range each day and to exercise each week day. I will work with the trainer 3x (T, TR, F), go to pilates 2x (T, TR) and will work out on my own 3x (M, W, F). Next weekend is up-in-the-air re: exercise because we will be out of town. I always try to exercise when traveling, but never seem to succeed. I guess that should be a goal, but I’m not sure that it’s overly realistic.