I recently had to attend a meeting that required me to dress in clothing other than t-shirts and shorts, so I had to find a purse. Inside the one I found was a WW weigh-in booklet from January 2006 (uh, yes, I have one purse and haven’t used it in approx 2 years … I really dislike purses and have a whole tangent about women’s clothes and pockets.). Anyway. J and I joined back then and kept it up for 3 months before we quit. It looks like I lost about 10 pounds throughout those months, and I know for sure that I gained them all back very quickly. Today, I am 55 pounds lighter than I was then … all of which I lost this year.

I’m very happy that I found that weigh-in booklet because I’ve been feeling very discouraged lately. The booklet didn’t miraculously end the discouragement, but it helped me realize that I’ve come a long way. I have no idea what happened to 2006 or to 2007, but 2008 has been a GREAT year. I’m not thrilled about the plateau I seem to be on, but I know I should be happy that I’m essentially maintaining right now and not gaining. I recognize that it’s a consequence of my poor eating habits the past few months, so I need to just take responsibility for it and move on. I might not make the 24 pound goal that I set a month or so ago, but I have lost 55 pounds this year. 55 pounds! I really need to get over the pessimism. It’s just … I’ve been gaining and losing the same few pounds for what seems like eternity! I realize it’s only actually been a couple of months, but still. I am NOT ready to maintain.

30 min cardio @ gym (alone)
Hour w/trainer @ gym

I definitely got my cardio fix today. I bumped the stairmaster up a notch after realizing yesterday that my HR has become fairly static at the level I’m used to. THEN, I had my session with the trainer that started with 30 more minutes of walk/jog/sprint intervals. I seriously thought I might die at one point, but I realized today that I’d rather pick up the pace and really push myself to the brink of dying vs. have the mental capacity to recognize how much I’m suffering.

Typing this exercise stuff out has sort of helped me feel better about the scale and the discouragement, too. I can run! I can work out for an hour and a half without complaint! I find ways to fit in 2 hours of working out on days when I previously would’ve come home, eaten pizza and crashed. My life has radically changed. I guess the scale will continue to follow in time.

I’m not really into motivational images, but maybe I should hang the WW booklet on the refrigerator to remind myself that it IS possible to lose weight.