Pilates Class (PM)
Hour w/trainer (AM)

I hope I can walk tomorrow. I wasn’t sore or even overly tired when I went to pilates tonight, but it just about killed me for some reason.

7am: Oatmeal, Coffee (2)
9am: Banana (2)
10:30am: Sandwich (Chicken, Wheat Bread, Slice of Havarti, Lettuce), Pickle, Water (3)
Noon: 2 oz Almonds, 10 Prunes (10)
8pm: Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Wheat Bread, 1T Brummel & Brown, 2 Slices Cheddar), Chicken & Rice Soup, Few Crackers, Turnip Greens (11)
Total Points: 28

I had an early morning session with the trainer, spent the day in classes and then went almost straight to pilates tonight. Consequently, I really wanted nothing more than to pick up a pizza on the way home. I’ve decided to start counting WW points again, though, so that stopped us from doing it.

I really want that pizza right now.