It is with sad, sad despair that I admit (to myself) that PB cups make my stomach hurt. There’s not much I love more than PB cups (butterfinger, snickers, peanut M&M’s, and any form of ice cream or chocolate cake notwithstanding, of course). I just can’t do it anymore. Or, I shouldn’t do it anymore. I am thinking that one (me) has to be fairly crazy to eat things one (again, me) knows will cause pain.

This weekend has been fairly crazy. We were home for trick-or-treater’s on Friday, but had to leave at 6am on Saturday for me to make it to a board meeting in Nashville. We stayed overnight in Nashville with no plans to rush home today, but woke up at 5 anyway. We were home by 10, so we did a bunch of yard work (mowing, weed-eating, pruning, sweeping) and are now planning to start on some inside stuff. I should be doing some research/writing, of course, but I just don’t feel like it. I am perfectly happy to remain in denial this weekend and start the stress tomorrow. I haven’t exercised at all since I did some cardio on Friday and feel the effects of that, but I doubt I’ll get around to that, either.

The weather has become much cooler, so we went through our drawers and closets last week and swapped clothes. Consequently, we now have huge piles of clothes to give away and just about nothing to wear. I somehow forgot that we’re both several sizes smaller than we were last winter. It was actually shocking to me to put on clothes that I wore in January or February of this year to find that they are now laughably too big. We’ve both gone down about 2-3 sizes, so it’s definitely time for some new stuff. It’s looking unlikely right now, but I really hope that I have this problem when it’s time to swap the clothes again.

I have GOT to get my eating under control.