I have been unbelievably stressed and swamped the past few weeks.  I’m on the downswing, I hope, but I still have To Do lists everywhere and notes written to myself so that I don’t forget something. I feel as if I’m losing my mind most days.

I physically feel much better and have been trying to be more consistent with my diet.  I haven’t actually succeeded all that often, but I’m trying.  It’s very apparent to me that stress makes me want to eat flat-out junk.  I want to eat to make myself feel better when the stress is intense and then I want to eat to reward myself when I’ve accomplished something.  It’s an insane cycle.

Hour w/trainer

I did so many lunges and squats on Tuesday that I almost couldn’t sit yesterday.

I am really very happy about my resting heart rate. The trainer told me today that it was 85 when I started with her, dropped to 70-something a few months ago, dropped to 63 a month or so ago and was at 60 last week. I don’t know that it’s an overly wonderful way to measure my progress, but it makes me happy.

8am: Oatmeal, Coffee
Noon: LC Sesame Chicken (frozen), Salad w/1T Italian Dressing, Water
2pm: Banana
3pm: Popcorn
7pm: (Falafel Hut) Falafel, Hummus, Pita, Yellow Rice, Water
8pm: Coffee
9pm: 3 Reese’s PB Cups