Hour w/trainer @ gym

I am surprisingly not sore at all from the boot camp last night. The only issue I have is with one of my wrists. I injured it a while back and will occasionally overdo something and feel the effects afterward. We did the crab walk exercise (forward and backward) several times last night. We also did the bear crawl (forward and backward) AND some other kind of movement where we started in a downward-facing dog-ish position, walked our legs forward without bending the knees, then walked our hands forward until we were in push-up position, did a push-up and then started over by walking our legs forward and repeated around the track (I didn’t make it that far, though). Oh … and I did regular push-ups earlier in the day. Anyway. The point of this is I used my hands and wrists quite a bit last night and one of them hurts today.

In other news, I just recently noticed that I practically live in work out clothes/work out mentality. First time I noticed: J asked if I had cut my hair and I was perplexed until I realized that I haven’t had my hair out of a ponytail in weeks. I think he just hasn’t actually seen my hair in a while. Second time I noticed: I put on a regular bra the other day and felt naked, free and a little odd. I have apparently become quite used to wearing a sports bra.

8am: Oatmeal, Coffee
12:30pm: 2 Scrambled Eggs w/0.5oz Cheddar Cheese, Few Slices of Roast Beef, Handful of Roasted Almonds, Sugar Snap Peas, Water
6:30pm: Taco Soup, Cornbread, 12oz Coke
7:30pm: 1 Piece of Chocolate