Fitness Eval w/Trainer – Extremely minimal exercise (1 minute each crunches and push-ups, 1 mile walk) – AM
Hour Pilates Boot Camp – PM
I went in to the fitness eval in an extremely bad mood. I didn’t wake up hating the world (as I have most every other morning for the past week or so), so it wasn’t as bad a mood as it could’ve been … but it was still bad. I shouldn’t have weighed myself prior to going.

The eval was actually extremely encouraging. I have not lost a ton of weight over the past three months, and only lost a few inches, but my body fat % fairly significantly decreased. The trainer seems pretty convinced that I am gaining muscle mass and am currently replacing fat with muscle . She seems confident that I will eventually see some more actual weight loss. I don’t know. I saw the body fat info (but didn’t write it down), feel the difference in my clothes and can actually see muscles that I never knew existed … but … I have trained myself to be a slave to the scale.

7am: Oatmeal, Coffee
10:30am: Few Slices of Roast Beef, Slice of Havarti, Almonds, Sugar Snap Peas, Water
5:30pm: (Wendy’s) Chicken Sandwich, Baked Potato w/Butter & SC, Water
8pm: WW Ice Cream Bar
I have been incredibly busy and am surprised that I have had time to eat anything at all. The oatmeal was eaten in the car on the way to meet the trainer. The 10:30 meal was eaten in the car on the way to a class. The 5:30 meal was grabbed on the way home from campus and was eaten in about 10 minutes as I was running late for the pilates class. I didn’t make excellent choices today (wendy’s), but I feel as if I made the best possible choices given my schedule/situation.