Hour w/trainer

7am: Oatmeal, Coffee (3)
11am: Turkey on Wheat w/Havarti & Mayo, Banana, Handful of Roasted Almonds, Pickle, Water (12.5)
3pm: Almonds, Babybel Cheese (6)
4pm: WW Ice Cream Bar (2)
6:45pm: Tilapia, Baked Potato w/Brummel & Brown, Yogurt, Little Bit of Cheddar Cheese, Salad w/Italian Dressing, Water (10)
8pm: 2 Chocolate Pop-Tarts (8) (Need to get these OUT of the house.)
Total Points: 41.5
I’ve eaten way too much today. 30 points should be my absolute maximum, but I can’t seem to keep it under. I’ve been at home alone all day (minus the hour at the trainer) and I’ve wanted to do nothing but eat junk.

I really just don’t have the energy to whine about how much I’m eating or about how I’m not losing weight. I feel hopeless tonight.