Hour @ Gym (Cardio)
Hour @ Gym w/trainer

I usually don’t like to work out for more than an hour at a time (unless I’m just doing weights/lifting), but my schedule today forced me to have to get some cardio in immediately before my appointment with my trainer. I didn’t know that she’d want to jog, so I could’ve probably skipped half of the first hour, but I’m glad I had such a good workout today. The 2 hours just flew by.

6:30am: All Bran, Milk, Coffee (4)
2pm: WW Enchiladas, 4 Sticks of Celery, 2T PB, Water (11)
4pm: Babybel Cheese, 2 Cucumber Slices w/Hummus (3)
6pm: Tilapia, Kale, Sweet Potato w/1T Brummel & Brown, Water (8)
8pm: (Starbucks) Caffé Mocha (no WC) (5)
Total Points: 31

I was completely led to believe that we’d be spending “a day in the mountains” tomorrow and believed we’d be taking pictures and having a picnic and all that from the comfort of the car or the safety of a highly traveled trail. Turns out, though, that I’m being coerced into hiking. An approximately 6 hour hike. 3 hours up, 3 hours down. 3 hours from the car (in MY opinion) = 3 hours from safety. I am TERRIFIED of bears. I have been terrified of bears since encountering one on a hike a while back. Any doubts that I might’ve had about the fight or flight instinct were laid to rest that day and I’ve been hesitant to even enter areas that might house bears out of fear of certain death.

I don’t know how I get talked into doing these things.