Another wave of stress has hit. Will I keep up my 2 hour a day workout routine or will I succumb to my daily ice cream leanings? I wish I could say that my motivation and willpower are both stronger than earlier in the month, but I don’t think that I can. Effective handling of stress is something I need to work on.

Hour Yoga Class @ Gym in PM
(First time @ a class taught by someone other than my trainer. I enjoyed it quite a bit and am glad that we went. I feel like I’m constantly seeking cardio, though. Yoga didn’t give me my fix.)
Hour w/trainer in AM

I really thought that I’d be very sore this morning after doing so much yesterday, but I wasn’t. Instead, I spent the morning focusing on the fact that I have GAINED WEIGHT. I know I shouldn’t weigh myself every morning. I don’t care. Tomorrow is the official weekly weigh-in, so we’ll see how it goes. The yo-yo-ing is getting out of control.

Breakfast: All Bran, Milk, Coffee
Lunch: Roast Beef, Chicken & Provolone Roll-up, Hardboiled Egg, Water
Dinner: Turkey Burger (Wheat Bun, Mayo, Lettuce, Provolone), Steamed Broccoli & Squash, Water
Snacks: PB Granola Bar, Banana, Goldfish Crackers, Fig Newtons, Slice of Provolone Cheese
My lunch was a joke. The roll-up was just one thin slice each of chicken, roast beef and cheese rolled up quickly as I ran out the door. I had a granola bar and banana with me, so I ate those later, but was still starving when I got home. The goldfish crackers, fig newtons and cheese were not good choices, but were the quickest things I could grab to get some food in my stomach. I could NOT cook dinner while so hungry. (except I have a fabulous husband who cooks every night … so … uhh … i guess i couldn’t watch while so hungry)