So … I have collarbones. Who knew?

This weight loss experience has become very strange for me. I’m in territory that I haven’t seen in many years and it’s disconcerting. My body is changing and is becoming a body that I’m not familiar with. I was brushing my hair in front of a mirror the other morning and happened to notice my arms. I was standing in the dark, so I flipped on the light and then spent approx 10 minutes checking them out from different angles. I have NEVER seen muscles like this before. Same day, I noticed that I have hip bones.

I was once comfortable with my fat. I really had to be. I had been overweight so long that I had to either accept it and get used to it or do something serious about it. Doing something serious about it seemed like really hard work, so I gradually just got used it. Now, though, I find that I am increasingly anxious to get rid of it. I’m examining it. I’m plotting its demise. I’m increasing cardio and I’m cursing the day I allowed myself to get into this shape.

Hour @ Gym (Cardio, Crunches, Stretching) in the AM
1.5 Hours @ Gym (Weights) in the PM

Breakfast: All Bran, Milk, Banana, Coffee (6)
Lunch: Leftover Beef Stew, Water (approx 7)
Dinner: Pumpkin Polenta with Chorizo and Black Beans, Asparagus, Water (approx 10)
(I learned a couple of things from this recipe: A) I like pumpkin in pie form only B) chorizo creates LOTS of grease which will make me not want to eat it C) watch for splatters when a recipe says watch for splatters)
Snacks: Yogurt, Prunes, Provolone, Chicken & Roast Beef Roll-up, Milk (8)
Total Points: 31