I woke up in a really foul mood and took it out on J through a 7am argument debate about safe haven laws and tv shows that depict women as dependent idiots who can do nothing more in life than rely on men – even after divorcing them. (Who even knows anymore why I’m able to get so furious about such a myriad of things all at once. Regardless, that tv show and all others like it are banned from this house. Am I the only one who thinks this pop culture BS degrades women and portrays us as helpless dependents who need the men who are stupid enough to marry us for our very existence? Give me an effin’ break.)

Anyway. I appear to be having issues today.

Hour w/trainer

My stomach hurt throughout the entire session and I thought I was going to have to stop at one point. Nothing was overly strenuous, I just have a crazy stomach. I can’t eat very much before working out and I can’t drink water during work outs if I’m going to do crunches or anything else involving my stomach muscles. Makes me sick every time. It took a month or so of trial and error, but I’ve figured out exactly what works and what doesn’t. I stupidly ate a boca burger for breakfast knowing full well that I can eat about 1/2 cup of cereal before a work out and NOTHING ELSE.

My trainer gave me information about a running performance study being conducted at my university. It’s a maximal oxygen consumption test that will apparently take an hour (spread over two days) to complete. Day one I’ll have to do a submaximal treadmill test and day two will require a maximal treadmill test. My trainer participated and was able to tell me how the test is conducted. I’m surprisingly not worried about the physical part and am only worried about the mask-over-your-face part. I haven’t yet contacted the person conducting the study, but I think that I’m going to. The information says that I’ll be provided with my optimal training zone, so I’m excited about that.

Breakfast: Boca Burger, 1/2 Wheat Bun, Coffee (1.5)
Lunch: Tilapia, Asparagus (steamed), Babybel Cheese, Water (5)
Dinner: Ramen, Crackers, Water (10)
Snacks: Banana, Chocolate Pop-Tarts (10)
Total Points: 26.5
Did ok until dinner. I had an out-of-control craving for carbs and had no pasta in the house. I found a package of Ramen that had been around for a couple of years and decided to eat that with crackers, followed by chocolate pop-tarts (that I did NOT purchase for myself). I justified it all because I stayed within an appropriate point range, but I know how dangerous that kind of thinking can be. I was too hungry. I could’ve made better choices had I eaten earlier and not let myself become ravenous.