My day started with contemplation about the cost and hassle of liposuction versus the pain and hassle of exercise. I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet.

I have so much going on right now that I’m having a hard time justifying the time needed to exercise. It was actually a relief to remember that I signed up for a class tonight because that meant I wouldn’t have to juggle things to get in some cardio during the earlier part of the day.

Today’s Exercise
Hour long stability ball class taught by my trainer. I can’t really remember everything we did, but I know that it just about killed me. We started out running up and down a flight of stairs, then moved on to crunches, back extensions, squats, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks and some other stuff that I couldn’t even do without risk of concussion. My HR reached 185 while doing the butt kicks (jogging) around the track raising the ball up and over my head, over and over again.

Honestly, I have never attended one of her classes because I have always felt incredibly out of shape and unprepared. I’ve asked her if I can do what she teaches, I’ve gone to a class, seen the fit people in the parking lot and left and I even encouraged J to go to a pilates class alone so that he could scope it out for me. My big fear is not being able to keep up. Tonight was fine, though. I was able to not only keep up, but seemed to be much better equipped than some of the people there. What the hell have I been thinking? Apparently it’s going to take a long time for me to realize that my fitness level has drastically improved.

I’m constantly being reminded of one valuable lesson: exercise improves my mood like almost nothing else. I was in a horrible mood prior to the class we attended and was feeling fabulous not even halfway through. I went from not knowing how I’d fit everything in tonight to wanting to immediately leave and keep doing more cardio.

Breakfast: Nothing but Coffee (everyone slept most of the morning!)
Lunch: Jon’s Mom’s Homemade Bruschetta, Homemade Coleslaw, Sweet Tea
Dinner: (Chinese @ 9PM) Mongolian Chicken, Egg Drop Soup w/Crunchy Things, 2 Crab Rangoons, 1/2 20 oz Coke
Snack: (DQ) Soft Serve Ice Cream

Breakfast: Nothing but Coffee (apparently need to work on time management)
Lunch: Boca Burger on Wheat Bun w/Slice of Provolone, oz Almonds, Dannon Peach Yogurt, 1/2 20 oz Coke
Dinner: Shrimp Stir Fry (Homemade – J), Water
Snack: Babybel Cheese, oz Almonds, Ice Cream

I’m exhausted.