I’m the only one up at the freakishly early hour of (almost) 9AM, but then I’m also the only person not having to sleep off a day of drinking (well, except for the kids). I don’t think J has ever slept past 7AM in his life, so I’m starting to think this might be a bad day for him! The party was fun, though. I tried to take pictures but never really got around to doing much of it. Lots of people showed up: family, old family friends, friends of J’s from HS, etc. Someone else picked up my camera at one point, so it was pretty fun to pick it up later and look through all 119 of them. I wish I could publish them all, but I don’t know who took them!

I didn’t get any exercise in unless standing on my feet most of the day counts or unless the short walk I took the dog on last night counts. I doubt it.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, J’s Mom’s Homemade Hashbrowns, Strawberries, Coffee
Lunch: Random Stuff (Cheese, Crackers, Nuts, Grapes, Celery w/Ranch, Etc.), Coke, Cake
Dinner: Random Stuff Again, Couple Slices Baked Ham, Baked Beans, Water
Around 11PM: Ham Sandwich, Cake, Milk
I essentially spent the day grazing and only had one proper meal (breakfast), but whatever. It was fun.


I’m very, very lucky and I know it. Yesterday was not the day to dwell on food or exercise.