So Jon and I just happened to each wind up at a Mexican restaurant at the same time on Thursday night. His plane landed and my class ended and we found ourselves on the phone discussing our levels of starvation at 9 PM!

I don’t know what it’s going to take to make me realize that large amounts of greasy food eaten late(ish) at night WILL MAKE ME SICK! I woke up yesterday with heartburn and was sick all morning. I had an extremely busy day, so I was really annoyed at myself for willingly and knowingly eating a bunch of crap that effectively ruined the night I ate it and most of the next day. The real kicker here is I DID IT AGAIN last night. Different type of food, same large volume. I honestly don’t know what my problem is. I apparently just can’t control myself when going to restaurants. It’s almost as if I turn into a different person when I walk in the door. Outside: normal, sane person who loves to exercise, eat healthy stuff. Inside: out of control person who really just wants to eat everything she sees. The really bad part is that I know what I’m doing the entire time I’m doing it. I know that what I’m eating is unhealthy and will make me feel bad but I completely dissociate.

Exercise (Yesterday)
Hour w/trainer @ gym

Breakfast: Special K, Milk, Coffee
Lunch: WW Enchiladas, Water
Dinner: (Mexican) Chicken Chimi, Rice, Beans, Chips, Guacamole, Water
Snack: Almonds, Babybel Cheese

Breakfast: Dannon Light & Fit Peach Yogurt, Coffee
Lunch: (Falafel Hut) Vegetarian Dish (green beans in some sort of tomato sauce), Yellow Rice, Hummus, Pita, Water
Dinner: (Cracker Barrel) Shrimp, Hushpuppies, Fries, Green Beans, Coleslaw, Biscuit, Unsweet Tea

There is birthday cake on the horizon today. Wish me luck.