I woke up this morning and really struggled to want to meet with my trainer. I often feel this way and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten over myself and solidly learned that working out improves my mood more than just about anything else. I left my session feeling great, of course. I also felt like I wanted to do some hardcore cardio. This is a new phenomenon and is one that I’m starting to recognize quite a bit. I often want to run or do some sort of cardio even if I’ve done strength/weight training for an hour or more and am often disappointed if I don’t have time. It’s a pretty strong, constant urge. It’s wild. I never expected this.

1 hour w/trainer
Breakfast: Special K, Milk, Coffee (3)
Lunch: 1oz Almonds, Babybel Cheese, Gatorade (7)
Dinner: Tilapia Fillet, Asparagus, Sweet Potato w/1T Brummel & Brown (9)
Snack: Ice Cream (9)
Total: 28 Points
Uhhh … So, I got a lot of dairy in today. I seriously spent over 10 minutes looking at ice cream when I stopped on the way home to pick up some groceries. My internal debates are pretty comical when I think about them later. Today’s debate wasn’t about whether to buy the ice cream, but was about buying the best option I could find. I doubt many people examine their ice cream options quite as closely as I did today. I don’t like low-fat, sugar free, etc. products, so I tried really hard to find the best full-fat/sugar options that I could. I know that I’m going to need to do something about my sugar cravings, but I’m not willing to think about it right now. It’s my last holdout.