J made the homemade cinnamon rolls for me. I had a really late class last night and came home to dinner and cinnamon rolls (I have an extremely sweet and thoughtful husband). I was so happy that I ate two and then promptly fell asleep. Then … I woke up this morning and ate another.

I probably would’ve eaten the whole pan had I not put on a pair of jeans that fell off after I zipped them up. My favorite jeans! I tried a different pair of jeans that I very specifically remember NOT wearing during our trip to NY last Christmas because they were way too tight. Again, way too big. I honestly couldn’t believe it! I am apparently very disconnected from my weight loss. Why would I be so shocked that jeans I wore 45+ pounds ago are now too big?

I ate another cinnamon roll at lunch, but that’s it. I’m ready to get rid of them.

No exercise.
Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll, Coffee (tried to give it up, but lasted 2 days)
Lunch: WW Enchiladas, Cinnamon Roll, Water
Dinner: (RT’s) J and I split the mini trio (mini hamburger, turkey burger, and crab) with fries and each got a salad. Water
No Snacks

1 hour w/trainer
Breakfast: Special K, Milk
Lunch: (Wendy’s) Kids Meal (4 Chicken Nuggets, Mandarin Oranges, Kids Frosty, Water)
Dinner: Pork Chop, Steamed Broccoli, Steamed Squash
Snacks: Banana, Ham Sandwich (Wheat Bun, Ham, Mayo), 2 Cinnamon Rolls