Hour w/trainer
Breakfast: 1/2 cup Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 cup Milk (3)
Lunch: 3.75 oz bag Chex Mix, Apple Juice, 1/2 Protein Bar (16)
Dinner: WW Ravioli, Peach (6)
Snack: 2 Fig Newtons (2)
2nd Dinner: 1 Scrambled Egg, 1 slice Toast, 1/2 T Brummel & Brown (4)
31 Points
I really had a very horrible day, food-wise. I ate breakfast on the way to my training appointment. I had absolutely no time to eat lunch until about 2, and then found the cafeteria that I wanted to get some food from to be closed. I was starving since I’d had 1/2 cup of cereal prior to a very hard work out pretty early this morning and can’t believe I even had the energy to seek out some food. The junk that I wound up eating made me incredibly sluggish and tired, of course. Way too much processed food.

I’m feeling sore tonight. I didn’t notice it until about an hour ago, but my whole body is slightly aching.