No exercise today.
Breakfast: 3 Scrambled Eggs, 1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast, 1 tsp Brummel & Brown, Coffee
Lunch: Whole Wheat Pasta, Sauce (Tomato, Beef, Onion, Green Peppers), Water
Dinner: 2 Slices Pizza (Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Cheese), Coke
Various Snacks: Babybel Cheese, 5 Sesame Crackers, 3 WW Candy, Handful of Mixed Nuts
Starting the day with lots of protein was a good idea. It kept me full for a very long time. Lunch was not optimal. I started out with 2 oz of pasta, but added another 2 oz. Dinner was even worse. We were feeling lazy and didn’t want to cook so Jon picked up a take & bake pizza. I ate two huge pieces along with about 8 oz of Coke. I haven’t left home or been outside at all today. I’m feeling tired and fat. Weekends are so hard for me (food-wise). I lose all motivation and just can’t seem to want to stay focused. I don’t think that I did too badly, but I most definitely could’ve eaten better. I’m finding that I need to start working on having 5-6 smaller meals again versus having 3 larger meals and snacks that I grab here and there. The snacks get me into trouble. I need to pour out the coke, too. We have a 2 liter hanging around that I seem compelled to drink for some reason. I don’t even really like it! Sometimes I think I must be insane.