The top picture was taken sometime around the end of September 2006 and the bottom was taken yesterday.

I logically know that I’ve lost weight. The various scales I obsessively check and the three times smaller clothing I wear pretty much solidify the weight loss fact. I look at the pictures, though, and see very little difference, if any. I’m not unhappy with myself, generally, and don’t feel as if I’m losing weight simply for vanity, but I’d be lying if I denied that I looked at the picture taken yesterday and didn’t feel immense disappointment in the weight I haven’t lost.

I can’t believe that we didn’t start losing weight until January of this year. Losing weight was on my mind when the top picture was taken, but was definitely not a priority. I was having some serious denial issues.

I am reworking my goals for the rest of the year and hope to soon have another picture to add to the comparison that will reflect even further progress.