So. I’m feeling better.

I think I lost sight of why I’m doing what I’m doing and was instead focusing solely on the number on the scale. I will probably always feel frustrated when I see a stall or a gain, but I’m going to try to be more rational about it. It seems pretty ridiculous to beat myself up over something that I can easily change. I’m still dedicated, I’m still loving the exercise, I’m still wanting this and I’m ready to start focusing again on the positive aspects of the weight loss process. It’s crazy how a short trip away and the end of a stressful class helped to put things into perspective.

I ate a ton throughout the weekend, but we shared almost all of our meals. I have always been extremely resistant to do that in the past, but lately I’m finding it to be my preferred method when eating out. I am finding myself wanting smaller portions and am very reluctant to feel that miserable full feeling. This weekend was no exception despite eating at fabulous restaurants, which kind of shocked me.

I got much more movement in during this trip than I expected. We went to the gym before leaving on Friday even though I did NOT want to. We walked quite a bit on Saturday and did a short hike on a trail listed as moderately strenuous. I didn’t have any issues at all even though we’d been on our feet for hours at that point, so I was (and am) very pleased. We passed a couple of people who had stopped to catch their breath and/or just rest and they reminded me of how far I’ve come. My energy levels are so much higher now. There is just no way I would’ve been happy spending 5 hours on my feet. I would’ve whined my way through the entire day and I’m fairly positive I wouldn’t have even attempted the hike prior to losing some weight.

My trainer is back in town after being gone for two weeks, thank GOD. I didn’t realize just how much meeting with her keeps me focused. I can get to the gym and do a cardio workout because I enjoy it, but it seems like I still need her influence to stay on track with everything else. I thought that I might have a hard time since I’ve done no strength training at all during the two weeks, but this morning was fine. I will probably be sore tomorrow morning, but I actually miss that feeling. Blows me away.